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Turnkey Project

Generator sets for telecommunications, finance, IDC data center, military equipment and other specialized applications field .And standard generator sets are used for hospitals, real estate, mining, power plants, transportation, factories and other fields.


From the simplest to the most complex installation, no matter what kinds of demand for energy ,engineering department of UNITE-POWER are skilled in finding solutions for all kinds of problems. Customers with engineering experience ,local special and the latest technology requirements can witness.


Professional environmental Noise Reduction Project makes your minimum investment get the  maximum return.


UNITE-POWER has a professional team of engineers and technicians, they help complete the implementation of the projects and ensure full compliance with technical specifications.

1.        Pragmatic approach, The secret of success

2.        Understanding of users' needs

3.        Assessing needs accurately

4.        Focusing on practical solutions

5.        Absorption of innovative solution

6.        Designing a complete optimization program

7.        Construction and performance testing

8.        On-site installation

9.        Ensuring technical track and maintain

What you should do is telling us what you need and we will arrange everything for you!
Parallel system

Parallel system of UNITE-POWER has characteristics different from other parallel systems - 100% integration, Complete 

UNITE POWER brand ,after unbeatable compatibility and reliability factory testing. The system include the most advanced 
turbine, the most advanced control systems and circuit breakers. Parallel system provides excellent power supply in various
 application areas and improve the reliability of system .

Why should we need to consider the parallel system?
1. Redundancy
Redundancy just like the backup of the backups which ensures that critical load will not be  damaged. When a generator set 
needs an overhaul, other generators can provide power protection for critical loads. If a generator set fails, you still have other 
backups of generator sets.

2. expansion and scalability of system 
UNITE POWER parallel system has been designed to allow users to purchase a suitable system fit for the demand now and 
be easily extended when the demand increases . Meanwhile , because of the inherent scalability, you will never need to worry 
about that it will be beyond the expected update system.

3.Prices are more competitive
In most cases, if two or more generators sets are paralleled, they will provide as same power output as a single high-power .while paralleled generators sets will save more costs.

4. Saving operating cost 
In this case, when a generators set can satisfy the load demand, operation will be more efficient and costs will be saved more . 
Because UNITE POWER parallel system will shut down redundant units of the system automatically when demand in the load 
are low . The result is that fuel will be saved , while the generator running time will be reduced .In that way , the service life of the
 generator set can be extended.

5. Fast delivery time
UNITE POWER parallel system is a standard product. There is no need for special custom design. So we can deliver our system
 more quickly than other parallel systems .