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Container generator


  1. Standard: ISO9001/2000, CCS/CSC
  2. Robustly constructed walk in enclosure designed to provide the necessary weather protection, sound attenuation and ventilation for the generator set
  3. 3.Four standard ISO shipping container size are available dependant on size of generator and options select
    -20’ * 8’ * 8.6’
    -20’* 8’ * 9.6’ (High Cube)
    -40’ * 8’ * 8.6’
    -40’ * 8’ * 9.6’ (High Cube)
  4. All container are designed and constructed accordance with ISO 668 series 1 freight containers classification, dimensions and rating
  5. .Corner fitting to ISO 1161,providing four point lifting capacity for full wet weight
  6. A minimum of two personnel access doors and Ladder design.
  7. External emergency stop buttons located at each container side
  8. Internal lighting-one emergency DC bulkhead light
  9. All external fixings in stainless steel
  10. Minimum 500L capacity fuel tank complete with contents gauge, vent and manual fuel fill point
  11. Internal mounted exhaust silencers available dependant on the size of generator and options selected
  12. Power cable exit via a non ferrous gland plate in container wall
  13. The acoustic attenuation comprises of Rockwool for sound absorption a resin bonded mineral fiber, which is non-hydroscopic and non-combustible and complies with BS 476.4 standard. The density and thickness of Rockwool slabs is dependent on the level of sound attenuation required
  14. The floor comprises an appropriately sized structural steel frame manufactured from PFC and sheeted with 3mm steel plate coated with anti-slip paint. for stringent noise level applications the floor is acoustically lined and enclosed with 1.2mm steel sheets
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