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60HZ Daewoo

 Korea- DAEWOO International Corporation was established in 1937. In 1958, DAWOO started to produce marine engine with an Australian company. In 1975, thery cooperated with MAN (German) and started the production of  heavy-loading diesel engine. DAEWOO joined Korea DOOSAN Group in April, 2005.and Unite Power Daewoo series diesel generator set is with with the features of low consumption, low maintenance cost, low noise, reliable quality and economic performance, etc.

Model Frequency 50Hz Doosan Dimension(L*W*H)   (mm*mm*mm)
Standby Prime Diesel Engine Open Type Soundproof
(KW/KVA) (KW/KVA) Model
DW350-60 370/296 268/335 P126TI -II 2960*1030*1500  4225*1460*2150 
DW412-60 358/448 325/406 P158LE-1  3120*1390*1690   4225*1460*2150
DW450-60 400/500 364/455 P158LE  3120*1390*1690   4225*1460*2150 
DW550-60 500/625 445/556 P180LE 3300*1390*1780   4630*1660*2250  
DW670-60 600/750 541/676 P222LE 3450*1390*1820    5030*1660*2550 
DW700-60 622/778 565/706 P222LE-S 3450*1390*1820    5030*1660*2550 

60HZ 127V/220V   , other type voltage is also available.

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